Robert Fitzner
I am a mathematician, specialized in probability theory. Currently, I work as researcher(post-doc) at the University of Technology Eindhoven. I am part of the Network project and and research fellow at the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems.

Next to being a researcher, I manage the website Network Pages. This website promotes research related to networks to a broader audience.

Here you can find a recent version of my CVs. A second version aim at the scientific community is here.


Most of my research is in the field of statical physics. I refined a perturbative method to prove the so-call mean-field behavior for a number of models.
Further, I am working with groups from the ICMS. In these projects I assist chemists to understand mechanism that are not directly observable.
More information can be found here.


Part of my work for the consists of creating visualizations of processes and algorithm on network. Additionally, I implemented tools to simulate/sample the mathematical models during my PhD. The result of this can be found here.
You are welcome to use all images, simulations and demos for your own uncommercial&scientific use (with proper attribution).


At the TU/e I give one course per year and am involved in the supervision of Bachelor and Master students. More detail can be found here.

The network pages

The aim of the is to present research related to networks to broader audience. It explains problems regarding networks, algorithms to analyze networks and mathematical models, that are used to analyze how networks are created and predict properties of large networks.


math at

Postal address:
Eindhoven University of Technology,
Department of Mathematics & Computer Science,
P.O. Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven,
The Netherlands.

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